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It’s been over 5 years since I last wrote on this site.  I took an unplanned trip down memory lane today, browsing through our posts here… it made me both happy and a bit sad.  Sad because we had such grande dreams for this place– to turn it into a TV show!  We were going to drive around the US and interview cool people and share their amazing stories!  Alas, no one wanted to buy our TV show idea, and Elizabeth and I got busy with new jobs and living our lives.  What made me happy was the fact that we started this blog.  It was important to us, we loved it and poured our passion into writing every little post.  That means something.

Not every project will go big.  Not every idea will become a reality.  But everything we make, everything we take time to put a little love and energy into, it’s worth it.

Today, Elizabeth is married to a fabulous guy and living an exciting and lovely life in Australia.  She is an architect and designer (and pretty darn fabulous at both).  As for me, I now have two cute little kiddies keeping me and my husband busy.  In my spare time I can be found writing at my blog Project:Women, and hosting a new podcast, “Project:Women – the podcast“.  And the journey continues…

✌️ Peace out (for now)

Tara T.



(photo -above- I took in Wynwood, Miami, just before we moved. July 2014)



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