Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove is sui generis in the world of designers.  His idiosyncratic approach to product design is organically breathtaking– fluid in appearance, and revolutionary in composition.  He describes himself as “an evolutionary biologist, more than a designer.”  This quote coming from one of the few sources I could find information on this incredible innovator, in an interview with Design Boom.

The following video is his presentation for TED, (which we recently wrote about here at Innovate). It’s a fantastic talk, but don’t get too sidetracked by the fact that there is a lot of focus on chairs!  (It’s more about the design process and materials, rather than the object itself).

Two items conspicuously missing from his talk are his Alpine Capsule and Solar Trees:

The Alpine Capsule is an off-grid, sustainable, futuristic cabin, if you will. Created as “simply a way to place people in the extremes of nature and its wonders, whilst retaining the maximum of comfort…space technology not in space, but on earth.”¹ The Capsule is meant to be a sanctuary within nature,  transparent from the inside looking out, but reflective of its surroundings on the exterior.  Learn more about it here.

Street lamps are often a dull affair, and Lovegrove’s Solar Trees are a welcome aesthetic antidote to humdrum street appearance.  ” The Solar Trees communicate more than light… they communicate the trust of placing beautifully made, complex natural forms outside for the benefit of all of society”  Read further at

image via Lisa Town

image via

¹from interview featured in Clear magazine, issue 33

*Alpine Capsule images from (Design Magazine)


3 Responses

  1. I love the street lamp project! It just makes sense. Shouldn’t everything be designed to be beautiful and enhance the space around it? Especially things that we need and interact with everyday? Great post TT

  2. This is odd. But it’s artistic, and I like that. the water bottle was cool, and the streetlamp thing rocked. If you are going to make something that everyone to cross by will see, you might as well make it beautiful. Architectural artfulness is being completely lost and/or squandered, a mistake on mankind’s part that needs to be rectified. Artists of this particular type are not common, and need to be put to good use.

    • My darling sister, you’re vision is beyond your years. It does seem like there is an enormous gap between art and architecture when you look at your surroundings, BUT, there are many amazing creations out there… sometimes you just have to look harder to find them. I think that merging mainstream, functional architecture with creative and innovative design is becoming more prevalent, but it’s not common in American cities. Function and form need not be mutually exclusive!

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