The Indoor Mini-Garden

I live in an apartment without any yard to speak of (the crawling vines on my building’s fence don’t really count), so there isn’t a place where I can grow my own yummy, organic veggies, even though I want to!  Neither do I possess the green thumb needed to sustain a living plant. Needless to say, when I saw this cool little creation called an Aerogarden, I was pretty stoked.

Touted as the “Foolproof dirt-free indoor garden”, the Aerogarden works by way of oxygen and water.  There is a little pump inside the bottom half of the unit which circulates water into the seed pods, causing them to grow, without the need of a soil base.  The actual science behind this is called aeroponics (similar to hydroponics), which utilizes air and mist to make the growth happen.  The top part houses a special growth light, to make sure the little green guy gets plenty of “sun”.  The Aerogarden is built to house all kinds of edibles and pretty things, from heirloom tomatoes and salad greens, to delicate herbs and flowers.

Though there is no real match to an old-fashion dirt and (real) sun garden, this might be the next best thing!  And you’ll always know exactly where your tomatoes and herbs came from.


3 Responses

  1. Wow, this even looks pretty!

  2. The AeroGarden 6 holds six grow pods instead of seven. This gives the plants more room to grow and spread out, allowing for about 30% extra growth over the Classic.

  3. I hope you are still enjoying your garden.

    There are some exciting new developments over at Aerogarden.

    Stop by to learn what’s going on!

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