The ‘Thank You’ Project


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The optimist in us would like to find something positive in every day.  But as we all know, some days our inner optimist is quite challenged with this task. We’re busy!  We’re working hard!  And sometimes we simply forget to be grateful for the opportunities that create this stress and the goodness that eventually follows.

Meet Julia.  Julia is a passionate, grateful woman on a mission!  A mission to prove to the world that through positive thinking we can achieve whatever our heart desires and needs.  When Julia was faced with several difficult situations and the onset of depression, she did not turn to therapists or pills.  She looked inward and relied on the power of positivity to pull her out.  That’s proof enough for me, but other people were harder to persuade.



In an attempt to practice what she preached and connect with other people, Julia began The ‘Thank You’ Project.  Each day Julia takes a moment to document and share what she is thankful for through her blog.

I asked Julia what inspired her to get this blog started and she had the following to say:  “There are a lot of negative and pessimistic people out there and somehow I seem to come into contact with a lot of them and haven’t always been successful in making them believe that my theory works… And what better way to show and explain something than by your own example? A blog makes it easy for both me and readers – I write, I practice what I preach, and people decide if it’s possible. I belive if I can do it, than everyone can.”


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Today I am thankful that Julia commented on an Innovate post and led me to discover her wonderfully positive project!  Though I think contributing to one blog is enough to keep me busy for now, I am inspired to start a daily journal of things I am thankful for.  What a wonderful reference and reminder of how lucky we are, especially on the days that simple fact is so easy to forget!



(Each of the images are from an entry of Julia’s that included a photo, click on the images to read why she was thankful for that topic)


4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! Too bad you can’t see that huge smile you put on my face as I’m typing this! 🙂

  2. Wonderful post! I couldn’t have read it at a better time.

    Also, on a different topic: I really like your post about the 3/50 project! May I have your permission to post a copy on my blog (giving you full credit of course)? Thanks!

  3. What a good thought 🙂 and as always my inner optimistic needs a little boost right now

  4. wow! great inspiration. I can really use some of these. 🙂 I’m glad I met Julia.

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