“Indexed”- Visual Ideas


The best way I can describe Indexed is:  Visual ideas for the pictorial thinker. Take something as basic as a Venn diagram, add a dash of wit and heft of cleverness, and you’ve got yourself a remarkably fun way to look at just about anything.

I was recently turned on to Indexed by a dear reader of Innovate!, and I can’t get enough of it!  Created by Jessica Hagy, Indexed is daily blog, in which a variety of subjects are lightly analyzed, including, (but not limited to):  politics, philosophy, the Tooth Fairy, booze, Santa Claus, work, and excuses.

Many of the diagrams just make you laugh, some really get your mind a-thinkin’, and a few you really have to think about to get.







One Response

  1. interesting…these can be prelim checks before volunteering into a more serious processes…and then these diagram will turn more intangible…

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