KiosKiosk – Promoting Small Biz


In a cookie-cutter world of retail, the pioneering pop-up shop KiosKiosk is out to break the mold.

British designers Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway came up with the idea of KiosKiosk as a way to house the goods of blossoming designers on the cheap.  Prices for retail space tend to be rather high (sometimes outrageous) in major metropolitan areas such as London, where the sleek KiosKiosk was launched.

For two months this summer the little shop was placed in front of the London City Hall, with support from the Mayor of London and the London Sustainable Development Commission’s London Leaders program.  Offering rent-free space for individuals with creative products to sell, (such as art, fashion, ceramics)  it gives up-and-coming designers a “step up on the ladder to success”.

Not only is it adorable and quite stylish in and of itself, but there are a variety of different materials available to customize the exterior and interior to the liking of the inhabitant.


I’ll be on the lookout if this brilliant project takes wings and flies on over to U.S. shores!

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Fun website too!

The KiosKiosk is currently “on tour” in Nottingham, UK


2 Responses

  1. It looks like one of the kiosks was tagged by Banksy! Making it infinitely cooler in my opinion! These are great. Did you notice on the website that they are having a TRaid event in the kiosks soon? Santa Monica desperately needs this.

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