Bilbao Jardín





The city of Bilbao, Spain became a house hold name associated with design after the completion of Frank Gehry’s innovative museum.  Since then, the local government has continued to support creative works that enhance the city.  In 2007 the city government announced BilbaoJardín, a competition to design gardens of up to 80 square meters (about 860 square feet) that were to be sprinkled throughout the urban landscape.  The first year of the competition yeilded 132 entrants, 27 of which have been constructed.  This year, the competition was reinstated.

Balmori Associates (one of the firms that helped develop the cities master plan in 2002) were able to exercise their familiarity with the needs and heartbeat of the city with the above garden design.  “The Garden That Climbs Stairs” was completed over the summer of 2009.  It is a surprsing and beautiful garden reminiscent of a lasting Goldsworthy work.

Below are several of the the other completed city works:

08 Reflejos de Bilbao 1Clean, geometric, and simple.  I want to go sketch on the bench at the center of this.

17 Paisaje en cadena 1I love the way this one lifts and bends- like you could pick it up at any point and take a peak underneath.

21 La llegada de la primavera 2Micheal Phelps post drinking the green kool-aide.

(Article information via Metropolis)


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