Shoes from the Tubes of London

Look out Chuck Taylor,  there’s a new sneaker on the block, and it believes in recycling… with style:  Above + Below London.


Metropolitan Line

"Metropolitan Line"

These kicks are made from 100% reclaimed materials, primarily cut from the covers of old London Underground (aka, the Tube) and London Bus seats.  The leather trim is 100% recycled or repurposed leather and the rubber sole is from old tires!  What about production, you say?  Above + Below doesn’t believe in low wage labor and unfair trade, so their up-cycled trainers are made in Europe, sweatshop-free.

The project of reclaiming these seat covers started 10 years ago, lead by Robert Taylor, a Central Saint Martin’s grad, and film maker Caroline Read.  They saw the value of rescuing these iconic materials, dating from the 50’s to the 90’s, from a one way trip to the landfill, and created a new product with a lot of character (and quite a history!).

Bright, vibrant, well-made  shoes with an eco-concious design… Brilliant use of ingenuity!

Want a pair for yourself?  You can buy here

"British Rail"

"British Rail"

Before they were shoes!

Before they were shoes!

"District Line"

"District Line"



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