Recycling Energy

With every step we take, every opening of a door, pedal of a bike, we are using energy. According to good ole’ Newton and his law of motion each of these actions warrants an equal and opposite reaction.  When we push, objects push back and the energy is never really lost…. though usually I can’t really see where the energy goes!  What if we could harvest such ‘reactions’ into usuable opperations?  Several innovators have figured out ways of doing exactly this.  Below is a collection of my favorite recycled energy projects that could be adapted and used in a variety of locations:


revolving energy

1. THE REVOLVING DOOR- open a door, light up a cafe!  This built project at a Netherlands cafe takes what is already the most efficient door type (a revolving door lets the least amount of conditioned air out) and uses each patrons entry to help generate a little electricity. (via Inhabitat)



2. THE ENERGY GENERATING DANCE FLOOR – Dance all night long to keep those beats pumping.  Several of these have already been built and are traveling the US with green promotional events. (via Interactive Architecture)




3.THE RIVER GYM- What if your stationery bike actually got you to work on time?  With the River Gym, floating pods will be propelled along the hudson river by people going about their exercise routine inside.  In addition, the vessel would be equipped with purification devices to clean the river as it moves.  You’ve got to check this project by Mitchell Joachim out.


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  1. Eliza — there’s actually huge amounts of wasteenergy available the U.S., and the technology to capture it is as old as Thomas Edison, who used waste heat from his first power plant to warm nearby buildings. I’m associated with Recycled Energy Development ( and we do precisely this kind of work. EPA and DOE estimates suggest there’s now enough CURRENTLY RECOVERABLE waste energy from power plants and manufacturing facilities alone to slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. That’s more than we’d be currently able to do with wind or pretty much anything else.

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