ZeeWeed… kind of sounds like an ultra-filtration membrane technology that is revolutionizing the water treatment industry?  That’s exactly what it is!

“The unique design of ZeeWeed® ultrafiltration technology allows it to conserve both energy and precious water resources.”

Brought to you by General Electric, ZeeWeed is a spaghetti like creation that can make even the most germ-ridden water clean and potable.  Made up of a polymer called PVDF, each stringy strand of ZeeWeed contains billions of “nano pores”, tiny holes which filter out bacteria and germs, but allow water to pass through.  The holes are so small (.01 microns in diameter), they can even filter out HIV virus and E.Coli bacteria, with an efficiency of up to “six log removal” (99.9999% effective!)



ZeeWeed is currently being used in large-scale water treatment plants, such as the Kyrene Water Reclamation Facility in Tempe, Arizona, a dry, arid part of the nation where H2O is scarce and recycling water is vital:

“By upgrading to GE’s ecomagination ZeeWeed™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, Tempe’s Kyrene Water Reclamation Facility was able to boost its productivity…doubling its water recycling capabilities from 4.5 million to 9 million gallons of water each day.”

ZeeWeed is also much more environmentally friendly than conventional water treatment plants:

” In one instance, a ZeeWeed 1000 water treatment plant used approximately 60 percent less chemicals, 30 percent less land, and produced 35 percent less residual waste compared to a typical conventional potable water treatment plant of the same capacity.”

The future of clean water is looking better.


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  1. This is great, I sometimes wonder wether I should be drinking stuff or not.

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