Lend your blog to a greater cause.

365 ways to save the earth

With the book 365 Ways to Save the World, you will receive daily tips to help you hone your green superhero powers.  Each day offers an inspiring, attainable suggestion to green your life.  The text is accompanied by a full-page, stunningly beautiful environmental image to remind you what you are saving.  Each of the tips fit into one of the books 7 topics: home, shopping, leisure, transportation, health/family, office, or gardening.  September 19 had the following very appropriate subject for us bloggers:

Lend your blog to a greater cause.

On October 15, 2007, more than 20,000 bloggers participated in Blog Action Day, devoting their daily posts to environmental stories.  Lifestyle sites offecred better recycling tips while technogeeks discussed how optimizing code could save energy.  The even garnered a great deal of international (prin) press.

Organizaers intend to make this a yearly event.  Don’t have a blog of your own?  Post links to environment stories on social networking sites or send an Evite to your friends alerting them to Blog Action Day.

Some other favorite headlines from 365:

Try a different approach to buying clothes

Save the trees, but see the forest

Learn spot “greenwashing’

Celebrate a different type of independence

Practice “voluntourism”

To find out just how these actions will help you save the world, buy your own copy!

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