Ton’s of Food! (Literally)



So you might be saying to yourself, “Wait a minute! I thought TWO people contributed to this blog.”  or you probably didn’t notice at all, but I had to have an excuse to bring in this minor self promotion.  A few weeks back we introduced the national event hosted by the American Institute of Architects called CANstruction.  This past week 6 firms in Pensacola left the autoCAD models and worked to create unique sculptures out of cans to be donated to MANNA food bank.  Nearly 3,000 cans and 6 Gatorade bottles later, our team was awarded ‘Best Meal’ (for the nutricious varitey of food used in the sculpture) and the ‘People’s Choice’ award.  Our 8′ tall cake and weenie wall of text was designed to commemorate Pensacola’s 450th birthday.  Congratulations to Sam Marshall Architects and Green Hut Construction!

This was truly a fun and rewarding event to be a part of.  To find out when this event is happening in your town, visit the official CANstruction website and encourage your firm to participate!



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