C,mm,n: open source mobility


Can you imagine hopping in this wicked vehicle to commute to work, but instead of driving, you sit back and check your email, surf the net, then take a nap?  Yes, it’s the future, somewhere around 2020, and your car is driving YOU.

C,mm,n (pronounced common) is an open-source platform for the future of personal mobility.  A place where people with innovative concepts on how to get around can go to get and submit ideas.


“Just like open source software, the product is ‘open to all.’ The c,mm,n car blueprint and the c,mm,n mobility concepts are freely available under an open source licence. This allows the whole world to take part in the development of truly sustainable mobility. Everyone is free to use and modify the design. The only condition is that any resulting derived designs are returned to the c,mm,nity as open source. We believe that the best results are achieved through cooperation.”


Remember that futuristic Tom Cruise movie Minority Report?  The cars zipped along a kind of magnetized track and all the driver had to do was push a button and go.  Well, the C,mm,n idea is very similar.  But so much cooler!  The C,mm,n car would be electric, of course, and your dashboard would be something like a giant iPhone.


The possibilities for future transportation are virtually limitless.  It just takes some good ol’ teamwork, creativity, and immense vision.  Okay, and technical engineering skills could help. There’s about 800 people involved in the “c,mm,nity” right now, want to join the endeavor?



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  1. aaammmaaazing. Thanks for sharing ladies.

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