Craftsmanship with a Cause

Take a tragic situation, add one strong woman, many compassionate friends and several years of struggle… what do you get?  The Blessing Basket Project.

Founder, Theresa Wilson

Founder, Theresa Wilson

Her story is inspiring and emotional, and that strong woman, Theresa Wilson, found a way to pull herself out of a dark place and give the gift of a better life to thousands of individuals.

The Blessing Basket Project allows women in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Uganda, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to earn up to 4 times above fair trade wages on hand-woven artisan items such as baskets, bowls and handbags.  A unique financial model, which includes paying Prosperity Wages® and cutting out middlemen, creates “a cycle of entrepreneur driven growth resulting in permanent financial independence for the artisan.”


This means women and young girls who were once forced into prostitution and withheld an education are now off the streets, getting an education and prospering in ways they never dreamed possible.  And none of this is a hand-out… these women earn their living and are proud of it. Many of these women have started their own business off the profits earned from their baskets and bowls, such as Memuna, the first woman to open a general store in her village in Northern Ghana.

Memuna and her store

Memuna and her store

This past Mother’s Day, I bought my mom one of these Blessing Baskets, in a handbag type style, from Whole Foods (one of the stores that carries them).  She’s been using hers since May, carrying everything from loads of library books, groceries, kid’s toys and who knows what in it, and it’s still in excellent shape.  Holds up like a champ.

Not only are these items beautiful, bright and colorful, strong and well-made, but with each one purchased, they give new life to hard-working people.  I can’t think of a better reason to buy something than that.







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