House Party for Hope



Kids With Cameras, the non-profit inspired by the Academy award-winning documentary ‘Born into Brothels’ has BIG plans!  For the past year Kids With Cameras has been persistently raising money to support their ‘Hope House’ (Asha Niwas).  This beautiful and sustainably designed facility is every bit as life-changing and inspirational as the name implies.  The Hope House will allow Kids With Cameras to go beyond the provision of a creative, encouraging education, to provide the children of Calcutta’s Red Light with a year-round safe haven.  The entire property is designed for the success of these children: innovative, inspiring, and FUN- (check out the rendering with the huge projection of Nemo!)



With plans to break ground in late 2009/early 2010, KWC is close to their $700K goal that will allow them to begin the first of three construction phases on the Hope House. For the final push towards this goal, KWC is encouraging fans to be a part of the first ever world-wide screening of Born Into Brothels and host a ‘House Party for Hope’ on October 2nd!  All they need is your commitment to bringing people together for a fun night that can change the world.




If the party simply doesn’t fit into your fabulously busy schedule (or your abundance of friends don’t quite fit into your NYC apartment), there are several other ways to help.  You can send any size donation directly to Kids With Cameras and specify whether you want the funds to go to the overall organization or directly to the Hope House.  Another option that I went for this past Christmas is the purchase of some great postcards from their online shop.  At a very reasonable price you will get 6 of Avijit’s best pieces, printed on high-quality postcards so you can choose to share the love or frame and admire the images daily.


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  1. This is truly phenominal. Thanks for sharing ladies !!!

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