New Leaf Paper


There are two not-so green things that I simply cannot let go of: magazines and stationery.  Today I stumbled on a great product at an unexpected location: New Leaf Paper Products found at Office Depot.  The company recently launched a variety of 60 new stationery and paper goods, each of which feature great modern designs.  My favorite: the notecard/postcard.  Each set comes as an assortment of stylish folded notecards with matching envelopes.  The innovation is found in the perforated folded edge.  The first recipient can easily separate their personal note, and pass along the graphic front as a postcard to another friend.  A little two person karma train, and so very practical.


Like the rest of the line, the cards are made from 100% post consumer fiber, way-above and beyond the industry standard 30%, and somehow manage to get crisp clean whites with a chlorine free process.  The company steers clear of the ‘green guilt’ many competitors use to con you into buying the slightly higher priced item.  Instead, New Leaf Paper has simply dedicated themselves to creating a better product to win your business.  Better looking, better functioning, and better for Momma Earth?  Now there’s a sales concept that just might work.



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