love me. leave me.


So this post isn’t nearly as dramatic as the title, but it is part of the same tagline that caught my eye in a magazine today for  Since its inception in March of 2001, Book Crossing has registered over 800,000 members in 130 countries.  Modeled after websites like ‘‘ that charts one dollar bill, registering your book with Book Crossing allows your beloved paper back friend the chance to social network.  Each registered book is given an identification code to be placed inside the cover.  Once you have read your book its time to do the green thing and pass it on for others to recycle and enjoy.  Each new reader uses Book Crossing to comment on whether they loved, loathed, or didn’t even read before passing along.

The website creates an international book-club of sorts, allowing people to give away their books without fear of losing touch and encourages the very sustainable purchase (or swapping) of used books.  The process sounds slightly tedious, but I’m still intrigued.  

(you can find the pretty bookcase featured at the top at Generate Design)


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