Renovo Bicycles


So after far too long, I have finally gotten back on the saddle and am loving every spandex filled minute!  Blue and I are still together, you don’t just give up on one another after a summer of 4,300 miles together.  But with my new discovery of Renovo Bikes, I’m inspired to upgrade.

After years of dedicated research and development, the Renovo company was finally started the summer of 2007 in Portland, OR.  Beautifully crafted from your choice of woods– ash, walnut, bamboo…- each species will lend itself to a different weight and tightness so that you can get the exact ride you are after.  As they refine their process the bikes are still mostly hand made.  The Wheelers (convenient owner name right?) don’t look internationally like their competitors  to begin crafting their bikes.  Nope, they start with a good sustainable basic: wood.  Building on their years of refinement they shape the bikes by hand and with the help of computer guided router.  Many people compare the ride to a carbon fiber bike but Renovo claims that the wooden frame is even better.  Unlike carbon fiber, the wood has even more give and durability.  Because the wood is the same density all the way through, if you scuff it the frame you can simply buff it back to new.



Clearly they are beautiful, but for $2,500 dollars how does it ride?  This is what others have had to say:

“The smoothest bike you’ll ever ride, stealth quiet, light and responsive, stiff as you want. Renovo hollow wood and laminated bamboo frames will forever change your understanding of what a bicycle should be, and how these natural materials can perform when designed to their strengths.”

Sounds like it’s worth every penny.

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