Eco-conscious screen printing

Making t-shirts and handbags has long been a favorite hobby of mine, and recently I went on the hunt to find a company to do some screen prints on my goods.  There are hundreds of standard printing companies out there that will run your stuff through with a quickness, but eco-friendly and non-toxic?  Tough find.  Until I stumbled upon a gem in this industry…


TS Designs is green from start to finish, inside and out.  Founded way back in ’77, they started as a typical, mass-producing screen printer business.  But they got wise to the environment and took a turn for the “green” in 1993, and since have been using organic cotton t-shirts and a patented, water-based ink process for dying called REHANCE.  The Greeness doesn’t stop there, just wait…


Their entire operation is sustainable.  On premises is a biodiesel fueling station, organic garden for use by the entire staff, a composting area, greenhouse, wind turbine, solar panels and  they deliver their goods via a biodiesel fueled truck! But that’s not all…
take the virtual tour of their location to see why TS is where it’s at for sustainable printing!



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