You know… 230 mpg?  The all new face of Chevy, the Volt, has been on our radar here at Innovate for the past couple weeks, time to write.

The not-yet in production extended-range electric vehicle is declared to be the “first mass-produced vehicle to claim more than 100 mpg composite fuel economy”.  Ok, not bad, but does it look good?  Indeed.  Notwithstanding the practical four-door style, the Volt has a front end that would give many a sexy sports car a run for it’s gasoline.

The fact that “a typical Volt driver would pay about $2.75 for electricity to travel 100 miles, or less than 3 cents per mile” makes this car even more appealing.  Can you wait ’till the end of 2010 for it’s release?  I think I’ll need a new car by then…

For all the fascinating details, and more images, check out the Volt press release and chevrolet.com

image, GM

image, GM


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