SIGG (unfortunately) in the news!

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I’ve got some unfortunate news for you responsible-bring-your-own-bottle water guzzlers out there…. Not too long ago, I was raving about aluminum SIGG bottles and was really looking forward to designing my own label.  Well those beautifully Swiss designed bottles that so many of us have been toting made an unfortunate announcement this weekend:  SIGG bottles manufactured before August of last year contain BPA in their epoxy liner (Bisphenol A, as many of you know, has been shown to be an estrogen-like endocrine disruptor, and most companies have been removing it from food and drinking containers in the past few years).  For all the gritty details, look into this press statement made by Steve Wasik, CEO of Sigg.

For now, should you toss your weathered and beloved bottle?  The press release states that “The science we have reviewed does not justify recommending that anyone discontinue using products containing BPA.” But I would say, if you’re really sweating it and you’ve already gotten some good mileage out of your bottle (over a year if you’re concerned by this announcement), it’s probably not a bad idea to upgrade.  I also want to be sure to mention that all bottles now in production are BPA FREE and more fabulous than ever.


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  1. devestating! First nalgene’s, and now SIGG’s? i can’t keep up …thanks for the news girls!

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