Open Architecture Challenge

Open Architecture Challenge

Open Architecture Challenge 2

There are two issues that I am extremely passionate about: education and design.  Together they are an unstoppable force and WILL change this world.  When I am not preoccupied with a ‘real’ job, humanitarian efforts which work towards delivering education in a well-designed package are my life blood.

Architecture for Humanity is an amazing organization that connects designers to communities around the world who need them.  Each year Architecture for Humanity organizes the Open Architecture Challenge, an international competition that is open to all who are interested.  I was particularly interested to see the solutions to this years challenge: Better Classroom Design.  In this challenge, designers were asked to involve their community and a school of their choosing, or one that AFH already works with, to create more efficient educational space.  This added involvement was a twist on previous years (which pretty much let the designer go wild with their own ideas without consulting outside, realistic, collaboration) and led to much more thorough and thought provoking entries.  After sifting through over 400 entries representing 65 different countries, AFH has announced a list of 8 impressive finalists.  I’ll let you know when they decide on most brilliant of the brilliant ideas.

This video supplemented one of the teams images.


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