Drain Pipe Hotel


When I started researching this ingenious use of old concrete drainpipes, I was astonished to find it’s been around for several years. Maybe there isn’t a huge interest to stay the night in an old drainpipe, unless you’re really hard-up for a place to sleep, but the way Das Parkhotel is outfitted made me want to try one out.

These 2 meter x 2.5 meter cement tubes are located on the lovely green grass of Rodlpark, in Ottensheim, Austria, where the annual Open Air Ottensheim music festival happens (making them a perfect place for concert goers to crash).  They are rather tiny inside, but are safely secured by a code-lock door, and provide a comfy two-person bed, blankets and sleeping bags, storage for your clothes and backpacks, and a small lamp for light.

Toilets and showers?  Where to brush your Teeth?  Easy.  There is a nearby “petrol” station for all your sanitary necessities, and restaurants for breakfast are a short walk away.  Although it’s no Ritz, the Das Parkhotel offers an atypical, (and a bit adventurous) stay for the wanderer at heart.





To reserve your concrete hotel room online click here!


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  1. I love this!…

  2. WOA…… awesome.

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