tINK makes art.

listen to your heart

Henry Kissinger

somewhere between the sports and the weather

A local artist I have fallen for: tINK.

Rachel’s work has a bold, fresh, urban edge to it that I just love.  I’m having a hard time deciding which unique piece I want most, they are all fabulous and varied.  A friend of a friend, though I have not had the chance to meet her yet, I was instantly drawn to Rachels work when it was shown to me,  but I was even more impressed once I read her profile:

“Themes in my pieces are expressions of my passions: people, social justice, nature, love. I use my creativity to inform and encourage. People may not know the magnitude of child soldiering, the depth of corruption in our government, or even the simple beauties of life. I want to spread awareness and messages of hope with my art.

My inspiration comes from books, quotes, conversations, and visual overload, i.e. cramming my head with tons of images. I also draw inspiration from my thoughts, emotions, and faith. Stylistically, I am inspired by urban art, illustration, and graphic design.  I like the idea of simplicity having a significant meaning. Like how one thing someone says can change your life forever. That is what I hope for my life and my art: to bring something meaningful to someone somewhere.”

Check out her full online portfolio here.

tINK at work


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