Organic Art (literally)

Anna Garforth and Eleanor Stevens make up the artistic team that is El&Abe, a brilliant little duo based in London who “share an affinity for nature and environmental design”.  Anna started doing “Mossenger” about a year ago,  which is essentially beautiful graffiti made of live moss attached to walls.  She’s been plastering the streets of Europe for a while now, and leaves behind a trail of green poetry.





poem by Khalil Gibran

Trash Type is also a project produced by El&Abe, wherein they worked with graphic design students to collect random bits of garbage and roll them up into tubes to form letters and went on to post them up in random spots.




Another individual who has been around since the 70’s creating art from organic matter is Andy Goldsworthy, whose artwork I can’t get enough of.  He utilizes strictly natural materials such as leaves, stones, ice and snow to make the most lovely and inspiring forms.  This man truly deserves a very long post of his own, but the blog called Red Star Cafe wrote a wonderful piece about him that I will link here.


heron feathers

heron feathers

broken & scratched pebbles

broken & scratched pebbles

autumn leaves

autumn leaves

slate arch

slate arch

autumn leaves

autumn leaves


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