Eco Swimwear by Ashley Paige

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We over here at Innovate are always on the look out for fresh, innovative female designers, and native Pensacola Designer Ashley Paige definitely makes the cut.  I had the chance to see one of her shows this spring and was thrilled by the unique styles.  More works of art than something you would wear for beach volleyball, each highly individual piece is highly detailed and worth taking a closer look.  Having trouble finding one that is absolutely perfect for you?  No problem, Ashley also creates custom suits to fit your exact needs.

Her name is probably familiar to you for several reasons: her TV show ‘Bikini or Bust’ on TLC, her suits worn by Paris and Lindsay Lohan, the numerous articles written on her in fashion mags…  But the thing she would rather you know her for is Ruffhouzen, the animal rescue organization she started.  From the beginning of her design career she had the goal of using her publicity and media recognition to promote her real passion: animal rights and rescue.  She sends the lovable pups that need a home down the runway with her super models and opens up her boutique on Sunday’s  for adoption, and though I can’t afford one of her suits just yet, I am so proud that she came from our hometown!

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