Bundy on Tap


Well, those Ausies have gone and done it again.  In 2007 they got our attention by starting the phase out of incandescent bulbs.  By 2010, the entire country will be running on more efficient compact flourescent bulbs.  The city of Bundanoon has now taken taken green enforcement to the next step and placed a ban on bottled water.  That’s right, eventually there will be NO BOTTLED WATER available for purchace in the entire city!  The public vote won by an overwhelming majority, all but 1 out of the over 250 community members in attendance agreed to the ban.

The program is being called ‘Bundy on Tap’ and will encourage all community members and visitors to fill a re-usable bottle with water that has been locally sourced by the government.  The concept is pretty extreme, but hopefully the actions of this community will help encourage us all to to reach for a reusuable bottle.  To help you make the switch, I highly recommend a cute, well-designed SIGG bottle.  With so many great options, you’re bound to find one that makes you feel good carrying it around.  If you don’t find the perfect one in their existing collection, you can even create your own!

Picture 15

simple, classic, this is the one ive had for years

simple, classic, this is the one ive had for years

Click here for more on ‘Bundy on Tap’


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