reWorked leather handbags

So you want a new leather handbag but you don’t want to feel guilty about it.  Why not get a one-of-a-kind, hand made, recycled leather satchel or carry all by reMade USA?

This, by the way, is the kind of stuff I get too excited about!  Created by Shannon South, a globe trotting American girl based in San Francisco, reMade takes good old worn out leather jackets and leather scraps from the auto and upholstery industries and remakes them into gorgeous leather bags with lovely silk scarf linings.  Each one is unique and nothing is mass produced, which is part of the philosophy behind the company– to make beautiful things in a sustainable and conscious manner.

You can even send them one of your own pieces of beloved but aging leather apparel to remake, and they will give you a $20 discount on your very own hand bag!

I hope in the very near future reMade will give ol’ Louis Vuitton a run for his money : )

"De Haro"  (my personal fave!)

"De Haro" (my personal fave!)





See how it's done, from start to finish!

See how it's done, from start to finish!


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  1. I LOVE these! Not a huge proponent of leather, but recycling old bags, that i will take. Fancy!

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