It’s Easy Being Green

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We are all trying to be a little more green and conscious of our actions but it can be difficult and overwhelming to know where to start.  We’ve heard the buzz on new government rebates and been told that a few small changes can contribute to huge overall impacts on energy bills, but what steps are the most efficient and rewarding? is an awesome resource full of articles and videos that teach you step by step how to be a little more green.  The video tutorials are short but effective and do a great job explaining the cause of common issues and how to fix them.

I originally found the site looking for details to the new CARS rebate program (commonly referred to as ‘Cash for Clunkers’) and was thrilled to find so many more rebates I had never even heard of.  The website provides a very useful search by area code for you to quickly find rebates and tax credits applicable to you.

Overview and Quicklinks is the one-stop way to find all these energy and money saving opportunities:
Video Guides show you how to save money on the big items that make up 60% of home energy costs.
Rebates/TaxCredits database makes it easy to find all the $$ savings offered by goverment, utilities, manufacturers and retailers by zip code.
Latest News highlights what people are doing to make their homes more energy efficient. And you can join the conversation with your own comments.

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