Street Style

Sartorial: adj.  of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress

If you have a serious weakness for fashion, like myself, then you might want to check out the blog of  Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist.

I’m constantly searching for new resources in fashion… innovative organic brands, hip vintage stores, online spots for hand made goods (like Etsy!!), but also for websites and magazines where I can simply look at lovely clothing and accessories for a bit of inspiration. And for inspiration, Scott’s blog really hits the spot.

Featuring large photos of ladies and men out and about in NYC, Sydney, Paris, Stockholm and beyond, The Sartorialist reveals the beautiful marriage of high fashion, vintage, personalized style and urban chic as seen on the bodies of everyday people on the streets.  Well, extremely stylish and hip everyday people, that is.

What I like about this blog, and why I consider it innovative, is unlike the typical highly stylized and photoshoped images in a magazine such as Vogue or Bazaar, the looks on The Sartorialist are REAL, the photos are untouched, and pictures of street bums, old men and cute kids are thrown in for a fabulous mix of worldwide style.





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