Buy One, Give One

“Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.”   -Dalai Lama

What if every time someone bought a new pair of shoes, a second pair were given away free to a poor child somewhere in the world?  It’s a lovely idea, but how would it work?  I bet the only person who could tell you definitively is Blake Mycoskie.

Back in 2006 he traveled from America down to Argentina and noticed that all the children ran around without shoes on.  Not because they were reckless and wild, but because they couldn’t afford any. He decided this was a situation that could, and should, be remedied, and after returning from his trip formed TOMS shoes, whereby with each sale of a pair of these shoes, a child in a poverty-stricken part of the world will get a new pair too:  One For One.

Three years later and TOMS has given away over 140,000 pairs of shoes to impoverished children globally.  The goal for 2009 alone? To give away 300,000 pairs.

This is the new movement of entrepreneurship and business… and I believe it’s something worth investing in.

they come in every color and pattern imaginable!

they come in every color and pattern imaginable!


Fabulous TOMS boots!  Love them.

Fabulous TOMS boots! Love them.


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  1. i want to be an ambassador and deliver the shoes! who’s with me?! (other than just about everyone, I hear its quite the competitive application) what a great and successful concept, and unbelievable comfortable too!

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