The Most Creative People in Business: Top 25

Ever wonder who came up with Google Street View?  And how the heck they pulled it off?  Meet 29 year old Steven Chau.  He is one of the amazing minds that made Fast Company’s list of 25 Most Creative People in Business.

This year’s list consists of an inspiring collection of people who are changing our world daily.  You may not recognize each of their names immediately, but you have no doubt felt the effect of their hard work in one way or another.

A few of my favorites:

Picture 6
#13 Stella McCartney: making green fashion look good.  Really, REALLY good.

Trish Adams
#19 Trish Adams: the woman responsible for convincing our favorite designers to work with Target and create super stylish goods at prices reasonable even to those on an intern architect budget

Dawn Darby

#20 Dawn Danby:  she’s the first sustainable design program manager at Autodesk (the world leader of design software), and she’s a badass.  Through her developments, the software will help designers create sustainable buildings from the earliest stages of creativity to the finite details of energy consumption and production.

I could list each one of the 25 here, but that would kind of take away from the original article.


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