Random Acts of Kindness

You’ve heard the saying, right?  And you know what it means:  Do something kind for someone just for the sake of kindness itself.  Smile, give a hug, pay someone’s toll, feed someone who’s hungry… be kind and be compassionate to those around you.

Ark, which stands for Acts of Random Kindness, is a brand whose sole desire is to see people doing one of these acts every day.  Founded by a 19 year-old Irishman, Cameron Stewart, Ark currently offers men’s and women’s t-shirts which are simple, cotton polos bearing the Ark logo, meant as constant reminder to be kind to people as part of your every day habits.  The ladies and gents involved in Ark also have street projects in play where they go out and perform organized “ARKs” in a bigger way, such as donating gifts to a foster home and handing out fresh coffee and home made buns to the hungry!

Better than your average Abercrombie  t-shirt?  I think so.

Arc Tee

Hug Somebody!

Hug Somebody!


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