New and Improved

So the car has been around for a while now.  You’ve seen it.  You’ve heard it (or not heard it if traveling under 5mph ala ‘the office’).  It has even become somewhat of a cliche’ green car to have.  However, the new generation Prius 10 has truly outdone itself.  This time around the car boasts even more fuel efficiency with a greater dependency on battery power, better aerodynamics and several sneaky little green intelligent features.  Perhaps the new ad-on the makers are most proud of is a solar roof which powers a fan to help generate AC as it heats up outside.  The fan can even be controlled via remote to cool things off before you and your groceries arive.  Mighty tempting in the 100+ weather we have been enduring here.  See for yourself at: PRIUS 10 The website alone is a work of art and really fun to explore.

Prius10Solar 1Solar 2


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