Toilet in a Bag

Do you consider a household toilet to be a luxury, or a simple necessity?

Most of us don’t think twice about the convenience of a modern bathroom, yet approximately 40% of the rest of the world go without a sanitary place to do their personal business.  The people behind the funnily named PeePoo bag are working to change that.  

After three years of studies, hard work, and field tests in impoverished areas of India and Africa, the peepoo bag is set to be distributed sometime this year.  The portable “toilet” is made of a single-use, biodegradable plastic bag which is self sanitizing, anti-odorous and lined with a special (eco safe) chemical which enables the feces to turn into a safe and extremely healthy fertilizer after about 2 weeks.

 Not only will this innovation offer easy sanitation, it also helps local crops by producing potent, natural fertilizer and assists in the battle to gain access to clean drinking water for all.



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  1. =) Loving your website Tara! Very innovative 😉

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