Made-By, whom?

“The mission of MADE-BY is to make sustainable fashion common practice”

Ever wonder where your clothes really come from?  Where was that cotton in your favorite T-shirt grown?  Was it produced in a Free-Trade environment?  Enter MADE-BY, a revolutionary company which allows consumers and companies to follow the process that garments go through before they get on your body.  Using their “Track & Trace” system, you can have a fun look at the string of companies who are responsible for producing your clothing  goods…  from the organic-cotton farm in India, to the eco-fashion designer in Amsterdam, you get a comprehensive view on the whole deal.

They only trace about 20 labels now (including Edun and Alchemist), but I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of this company in the near future.

Look for the Blue Button!

Look for the Blue Button!


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